Oyin Handmade - Named after the Yoruba word for "Honey", Oyin Handmade products are made with natural, organic, and food-grade ingredients: for superb moisture

Flourish Baltimore - products that support the holistic lifestyle. Herbal teas, candles, aromatherapy, organic hair and skin care products, books, gifts and more.

AfroGoddess- Astrology readings and sacred adornments

Herbalganics LLC
I have specifically designed my hair and body products to provide therapeutic based healing, to assist in elevating the mind, body, and spirit as well as to encourage those that use them to be there truest, best, and more elevated self. Not only for self but for their family, community, and the world. Each step in the process to make my products, All products are created with the focus and intention to address the body as a whole symbiotic system, to care for it, assist/encourage holistic healing, progression and elevation. 

3rd Eye Divine, LLC
All organic, natural, and herbal ingredients. Herbal Remedies: Elderberry syrup and fire cider along with tea blends.

Kat Art LLC
I am an artist who paints allegorical and spiritual paintings. I also teach a class on Soul Collage card creation inspired by Seena Frost, which is a set of collaged cards created by people to help them guide them spiritually through life.

Cathy’s Ginger
Ginger based food products. Ginger has over 100 medicinal uses and I offer it in many forms

Reiki Rocks/Janice B Reiki
We will be selling healing crystal jewelry and sacred geometry grids to help clients heal themselves and manifest their intentions. We will also provide information about Reiki and doing mini seated Reiki sessions.

Tranquility Sound Therapy
Product: I am a sound therapist that provide individual and group sound meditations. I utilize singing bowls and tuning forks along with other sound instruments to bring my clients into a place of balance where they are able to reach their higher selves and begin to heal themselves from within.

Divine Sun Rays -  I offer shamanic journeys, channeled messages and energy healing. 

Negus Cre8 - Orgone technology

Inner nature -  Oracle, Tarot card and intuitive readings. 

Seshat's Brush Art Therapy/ Sacred Geometry

Occult Mama - offering  Reiki  and Oracle readings

Psychic Lori - psychic intuitive

Psychic Laura Tarot card reader and psychic reader 
I specialize in tarot cards. I also specialize in love and relationship, I do aura readings. 
and more

Regal Clothes: Our designs are not only authentic and vibrant , we focus on the Sankofa ethic of sharing knowledge of our past in order to master our future by selecting prints that fortify the wearers. The Regal Clothes Collection is healing from the outside in. Regal Clothes creates contemporary batik and tribal print fashions and accessories that show off your curves and celebrate your culture. We select designs that tell a story- each fabric has a meaning and instills pride. By including the meaning of each print we are whispering words of empowerment to each wearer.

Kaleidadope Tarot - My products are considered holistic because they serve to connect people that use them with themselves for wellness and spiritual growth. 
I create and sell tarot decks (and stickers), affirmation decks and related pins

A Kiss of Nature  -organic skin care products:Whipped Body Butter, Hair Growth Oil, Aromatherapy Message Oils, Body Scrubs, Meditation/Affirmation Cards.

CreativeSense Art - Jewelry made with semi precious stones to assist with spiritual healing

Jonelle Beads - healthy food-inspired waistbeads

Kat Henna -  henna designs

Just Breathe - Seated Massage

Kweenie's Candles - plant-based candles

The Burnt offering - spiritual reading

Jael - Psychic, Clairvoyant Readings

EyeCreations16- handmade jewelry perfectly flawed

Monique Spirit-animal drawings

Nikapooh designs - Artistic Healer

the.little.book.of.black.luv - Healing/self love 
Shop between workshops with Holistic Vendors, which will host a variety of natural products or offer services.