Speaker: Kahlil Kuykendall 
Title: Expanding Consciousness & Awakening the God Within

Description: In this elevating and fun-filled Workshop, Mama Yoga (Kahlil Kuykendall) uses the art of Kundalini Yoga techniques of breath, meditation and mantra to invite you to explore the awakening of our true God consciousness as we tap into the deep inner peace of the mind, body and spirit.

Speaker: Lenora Dawson
Title: Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Description: This lecture is geared to encourage individuals to begin to embrace their intuitive abilities, activate and nurture their pineal glands and raise their vibration level to move in synchronicity with one’s true self and life purpose. Participants will leave with exercises and instructions that if followed will empower them to create and control one’s destiny. Lenora Dawson, M.S., MPLC, is an empath, master professional life coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual advisor.

Speaker: Deletta Louise Gillespie
Title: Following Your Inner GPS

Description: In this interactive talk, professor, performing artist, author, and activist Deletta Gillespie shares how trusting her inner GPS has led her to a life of adventure and opportunity. She'll share stories and provide strategies to help you more fully tap into your inner GPS to create the businesses, experiences, opportunities, or whatever desires your hears are holding.

Speaker: Denzel Mitchell
Title:Cultivating High Frequency Foods 

Denzel, owner of Five Seeds Farm, educates and empowers participants to grow organic fruits, vegetables, and sprouts using veganic agriculture, nature farming, and spiritual gardening principles to produce high-nutrient, high-vibrancy food year-round.

Speaker: Dr. Renee Tengella
Title: Mindful Strategies for Student Success: Mindfulness at Home and School

Description: Mindful strategies for student success consists of a teacher and parent perspectives In the raising of children during chaotic times.

Speaker: Jah-Afiya (aka OyadaraOsuntola)
Title: Every God/Goddess Deserves a Temple: A Presentation on Sacred Space

Description: A Presentation on creating Sacred Space, which Invites You to the Regal yet Minimalist experience in your home and in your life...You will walk away with a renewed zest for Living, as you will have tools to transform your home into the Juicy base and Temple of your Dreams that it desires to be... OyadaraOsuntola (aka Jah-Afiya) lives to Inspire Women to feel Connected to Love, Beauty and the Goddess Within...New Initiate Priest Of Oya And Osun, Nationally Certified in Therapuetic Massage and Bodywork, Love Activist, Proprietress/Designer Enchanted AfroGoddess Adornment, Creator/Consultant at Sacred Space Goddess, Founder at AfroGoddess And Goddess Love Temple. Visit www.afrogoddessmagick.com for December dates for her Awaken Love Goddess Retreat Series

Speaker: Tele Darden
Title: Survival Care for Healers & Empaths

Description: Caring for others often means we carry the weight of the world in our bodies, hearts and spirits. Our survival requires we care for ourselves first. We’ll use embodiment meditation to honor resistance, clear the trauma and drama and get grounded and centered on our path of deeper healing. Tele Darden is a bodyworker specializing in self-care and trauma resolution. She loves working with healers as they become stronger, more embodied forces for change.

Speaker: Yeye Ifadoyin Oyinlola Aduke
Title: The Essence of Spiritual Bathing

Description: Spiritual Bathing is a part of every culture around the world. From Birth, Weddings, Honoring monthly moon cycles and even in our Death rituals. This presentation explore water the importance of Water, The Power Of words and herbs and even Esseces in our daily environment that can be used in our personal healing water rituals.

Speaker: Christina Cook
Title: Crystals for Everyday Living

Description: This workshop will introduce attendees to the healing properties and practical applications of crystals and minerals. We will journey through types of crystals that heal and align the chakras, making crystal elixers, creating crystal grids, Orgonite basics, cleansing practices and more! Plus, our Build-Your-Own medicine bag table with an assortment of seasonal crystals and healing tools.

Speaker: Iyanifa Olori Oyadele Ogunsina
Egungun & Orisa Priestess
Iyanifa of Ile Oya Afefe Osa Meji Spiritual Temple (Baltimore, Md)

Speaking on “The Importance of Spiritual Protection.”

Speaker: Zoha Harpe & Kenneth Byrd
Title: Self Love in Love

Description: How to manage your self love/healing space in relationships.

Speaker: Vernethia Kaveri Williams
The Art of Meditation

I have been studying and practicing spiritual teachings for over 20 years. I have incorporated yoga and meditation as a part of my daily life.  
As a result of my practices, I am learning who I truly am. By sharing the benefits that I have received, perhaps I can help someone else.
My goal is to be a beacon of light in the world and uplift myself and others. I want to make the world a better paradise.

​Speaker: Crystal Forman, MPH, MHA
Title: Eating High Vibration Foods

 from Holistic Wellness and Health will lead a discussion on how food affects our mind, body and spirit. We’ll discuss how vibrational eating has a positive impact on ourselves and the planet. You’ll learn which foods will help raise your consciousness and the benefits of resetting your mind, body and spirit. Crystal uses a plant-based diet to improve her mind, body and spirit and she teaches other to do the same.Crystal Forman, MPH, MHA from Holistic Wellness and Health will lead a discussion on how food affects our mind, body and spirit. We?ll discuss how vibrational eating has a positive impact on ourselves and the planet. You?ll learn which foods will help raise your consciousness and the benefits of resetting your mind, body and spirit. Crystal uses a plant-based diet to improve her mind, body and spirit and she teaches other to do the same.

Speaker: Taharka Kiambu​
​Title:The Burnt Offering

Whether it be Sage, Palo Santo, frankincense, copal or amber; each element has a unique aroma and enhances the environment in a different ways.
This discussion will be led by Baba Taharqa Kiambu who will be providing information on how to use burnt offerings to enhance our lives. Taharqa will be sharing information on how to identify and select the highest quality aromatic products and how to employ them to enhance our lives.

Speaker: Tina Harris
Title: Aromatherapy for Vibe Elevation

Essential oils don’t just smell good; they are a safe, effective, inexpensive way to take responsibility for your health and well-being. Join Tina Harris as she explores the benefits of Essential Oils. She will share insight on how pure essential oils can be used to enhance your spiritual practice and manage stress and emotions.

Speaker: Jah-Afiya (aka OyadaraOsuntola)
The Astrology of Love

We will Explore and Understand How the Stars impact your Personal Resonance and hence the World of Loving and Feeling Loved...This Awareness will give you the keys to Unlock, Magnify, Enhance and Amplify your Love Energy So you can discover your Personal Love Signature  

Jah-Afiya (OyadaraOsuntola) has been Studying and Practicing Astrology and the Art of Love for several years; experiencing her own personal initiations, trials and triumphs as well as assisting her Clients with delving into and navigating their own. Through her Intuitive Counseling style (what she calls "Inspirational Astrology"), she gathers information using your Birth data to determine what is needed to Unlock your potentials and to bring forth the "Best" case scenarios and the most loving outcomes.
Meet the Beautiful Beings who are making this event possible by offering to sharing their years of wisdom, training  and experience so the we all may Vibrate Higher.