Bringing good vibes to your soul.  LadyBug the Black Sun is a new voice from the Washington DC area, by way of New York. Exposed to performing arts at an early age, LadyBug learned through theatrical experiences while she was a part of Kelsey E. Collie’s Playmakers Repertory Company, a semi-professional troupe of young performers. At the tender age of twelve, she had the pleasure of writing and directing her first play. She costarred with Chief Emeril Lagasse on Emeril Green’s episode “A Meal to Remember” on the Planet Green Network. She was also a featured singer/spoken word artist on the Verizon channel and in the Baltimore City Paper. Ladybug has recently played percussions for many different bands and venues. As a percussionist for Baltimotown, she has had the honor of sharing "Best Band of the Year" awarded by the arts community in Baltimore. She is an inspirational singer-songwriter, percussionist, motivational speaker, and a spoken word artist, dedicated to using her words to evoke life and encourage people to follow their dreams!
The Healing Flame Collective
Ladybug The Black Sun- 
Musician & Vocalists/Poet

The Healing Flame Collective is a diverse group of artists, musicians, healers, creators, and visionaries. This concept created by Janice B. & Maurice Carroll combines music, sound healing, meditation, reiki, and total alignment for the listener. Their debut project "The Soul Light Journey" is available as a live experience for workshops, festivals, and events or as a digital download